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Davetta Henderson is a native of Washington, DC, still residing in the DMV area.  She has a B.S. Degree in Organizational Management and has a successful professional career in Human Resources in the areas of Compensation, Benefits and HR Systems.  Beyond God, Family, and Corporate America, Davetta is a multipreneur.  She is committed to being her authentic self with a focus on her diverse passions and God-given gifts. 

Davetta inherited a love for writing from her mother—a published poet.  Davetta is a published author.  Her first book—The Seed-The Soil-The Sower—is the introduction of a soon-to-be released, five-book series which explores our ability to reap God’s spiritual harvest.  She is also co-author in two Bestselling anthologies, Step Into Leadership Greatness and We All Grieve Differently.





Davetta transformed her love for writing into a vehicle to help others share their story.  She is the CEO of Full Faith Publishing, LLC—providing full-service book publishing and editing services.  Full Faith is committed to helping their clients make human connections by transforming their life stories into written communication.







Apparel Designer/Jewelry Consultant

Davetta developed her apparel line—The Good Ground Collection—to share visual messages of inspiration and encouragement.  . 






Davetta is a licensed minister and speaker.  She lives God’s word as being “More than conquerors” through her triumphs and defeats and carries a lifetime of testimonies to share from her journey with God.  

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